The average USERindex for 2018 is 4.16

The below chart shows the evolution of the USERindex across the different industries, devices and countries in the past 4 years:

The average USERindex across all geographies and devices in 2017 was determined to be 4.17 (the 2016 average was 4.12).

The USERindex for websites used on desktop was measured at 4.17 while that of Android and iOS apps was 4.20

The following are some averages across various industries:

Retail and Consumer durables: 4.27
Entertainment, Fashion, Sports & Lifestyle 4.17
Food and Beverages 4.24
Manufacturing 4.16
Telecommunications, Technology, Internet & Electronics 3.94

The current average USERindex scores are based on results from 142 studies and 3531 participants across internet sites and mobile apps, collected from 2014 through 2016.

The current (2016) average USERindex is 4.12. The 2015 average was 4.07.

Some other averages:

  Overall USERindex Usefulness Satisfaction Ease of Use Reliability
All devices and categories 4.12 4.12 4.04 4.15 4.16
Retail (all devices) 4.26 4.24 4.14 4.37 4.27
Desktop (all categories) 4.25 4.11 4.14 4.04 4.15
Responsive sites (across devices) 4.09 4.08 3.93 4.20 4.12


2015 average USERindex is 4.07

The average USERindex measured in 56 studies and 1757 participants across internet sites and mobile apps in 2015 was 4.07.

On desktops, the average USERindex measured was 4.03, for native apps it was 4.07 and for mobile websites it was 4.14.

For the retail industry, the average USERindex was measured at 4.29 and for the Entertainment, Lifestyle industry it was 4.04.

Correlation between USERindex and NPS

In the studies where we asked for both the USERindex as well as the NPS, we could establish a positive correlation of between 0,274837 and 0.55606457 depending on how the data is sliced.