The average USERindex for 2019 is 4.26

The below chart shows the average USERindex (and minimum and maximum values) for different industries based on approx. 300 studies on live digital interfaces only (i.e. no prototypes or beta versions) with approx. 7000 participants:

The value range of USERindex scores per industry for 2019
List of industries
Automotive e.g. vehicles, motorbikes
Consumer Durables e.g. home appliances, furniture, sports equipment, pet equipment
Education e.g. educational games, online learning
Electronics e.g consumer electronics
Entertainment, Fashion & Lifestyle e.g. toys, online games, video games, clothes and shoe brands
Finance & Financial Services e.g. banks, credit cards
Food & Beverages e.g. food manufacturers, restaurants
Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
Manufacturing, Construction and Machinery
Media & Publishing e.g. television networks, newspapers, music and video streaming services
Retail e.g. supermarkets, groceries, D-I-Y, online shops
Telecommunications e.g. service providers
Technology e.g. software, cloud services
Transportation & Delivery e.g. carsharing, car rentals, railway and subways
Travel & Tourism e.g. hotels, airlines